“BEŹHON” which literally translates to Rainbow in “Sheenah” language (GB). The idea behind the brand name depicts the arched band of seven vibrant colors of rainbow in contrast to the basic color wheel. The series of concentric colors are being blend through at a slightly different angle under programmed creativity, eventually showcasing our brands personality.

The thought process of “weaving colors into life” clearly depicts contemporary designs inspired by Nature, Geometry and Abstraction. Considering it all as a part of life is the due force that keeps it rolling.

“BEŹHON”, was founded in 2017, with the foremost objective that the brand it-self Rings a Bell. A project which started off as a profession is now infused by knowledge, passion and craftmanship offering innovative and customized designs within the given parameters.  

KWK | UF – Founders of BEŹHON